Cod WW2 crashing

Sometimes when I play cod WW2 I get an error saying Fatal Error Create2DTexture. After this all my monitors turn off I've also tried this with only 1 monitor and still no luck. It also takes a while for the monitors to turn off back on and I have to unplug them and plug them back in or restart my computer multiple times.

My specs are:
CPU: i7 7700k
Motherboard: msi z270
Ram: 16 gb ddr4-3000
SSD/HDD: 480 gb SSD
GPU: gtx 1080
PSU: 600 watt
Chassis: PowerSpec ATX 767c
OS: Windows 10
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  1. I have had the error message, seems to be that game. However I always get back to desktop without problem.
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  2. look at thread here (steam)
    hope it helps

    From what I ready it is GPU / multi monitor setup

    Offical Statement from Activision on this via Facebook Support to me personal:

    Activision does not officially support the use of multiple monitors. We do not test on multiple monitor systems and cannot guarantee any level of functionality. This also includes SLI and Crossfire videocard setups.

    Many games will not function properly on systems with multiple monitors. Common problems include crashing, failure to launch, or image distortion. If you are encountering any of these problems and are using multiple monitors you will need to disable the extra monitor(s) through the software for your video card or by physically disconnecting them from your machine.

    Could also be overlay (FRAPS, Rivatuner Statistics, Shadowplay ect. )

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  3. I get this crash too and I only have one monitor. at the time of my post, I am using the latest Nvidia Display drivers. The game runs like butter on my 4.4Ghz Corsair H115i cooled i7-4790k, 32Gb Corsair Vengeance pro 2400 DDR3 RAM and 8Gb Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX1080 Waterforce. However, after about 10 mins of gameplay, the screen goes black and then quits to desktop with the same error the OP gets. It acted like a GPU driver crash, except the error that the OP gets came up in the center of the screen rather then the screen going black, the desktop comes up and a GPU driver crash error pops up from the taskbar.

    In December now, and this game is still unplayable. That's AAA on PC these days. it either takes a year of patches or never gets fixed. I am just thanking my lucky stars this game wasn't infected with the Denuvo virus because there'd be performance issues as well as stability issues. I am very disappointed in this release. I am beginning to suspect they intentionally sabotage the PC ports to get more people to get consoles and then buy the console version.
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  4. Yeah its so irritating playing in a ranked match and i just get kicked and suspended like wtf
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