Ryzen 5 1600 3,85 GHz 2933 Stock Cooler

Hi Guys,

Im here to ask your opinion about my setup,
Firstly please take a look at the pic below if you have time

My current setup
- Ryzen 5 1600 3,85 Ghz @1,343 initial on BIOS (hw monitor showing average 1,353 max 1,384
- Vengeance LPX 2933 Mhz @1,36 SOC 1,05 16-17-17-17-35-53 1T ProcOdt 53.3 Ohm
- Stock Wraith Spire
- Strix B-350F
- RX 580 stock, planning to undervolt (not interested in overclocking GPU, too much heat, under stock already reaching 78 on GTA V hours playing)

Test done
- Cinebench 20 passes multi thread , no freeze
- HCI 800% no error
- OCCT CPU large data set 5 hours , no errors but notice some little drops on frequency

Not yet done
- Prime95 , smal ftf reaching 80 in 10 minutes

Consideration :
- High ambient temp around 30C
- going to get cooler soon , may be i l'll squeze a litle bit more when it come

1. Do i get good chip with my current achievement?
2. What is the save voltage limit for usual overcloking? BIOS said 1.7 i hardly believe that
3. Do i really need to do prime95? i feel like im throwing my cpu live for years shorter when i do that, even when playing GTAV 5 for hours it stay around 60-65
4. If i lower the SOC , is that affect my CPU overclock or only DRAM?
5. Is it recommended if i keep turning on C STATE when i have my CPU overclocked? any disadvantages?
6. OOCT, is that little freq drop is NORMAL or considering as STABILITY ISSUE? or even fake reading? there is no way my temp goes to 0
7. Cooler, im considering between HYPER 212 LED and CORSAIR H45 , which is better? or saving to get H60?

Thank you
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  1. anyone?

    also im planning to get H100I V2
    is it wort for ryzen 1600?
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  2. 1. Yes, enoguht
    2. Save? Safe?¿, well, less is better.
    3. No, at least that you going to do INTENSIVE Video Editing 24/7, You dont need that level of stability, because in any normal circunstance you will push your cpu to that point
    4.Affect the two
    5.Some instability maybe
    6. Probably Throttling
    7. No waterCoolers, At least that you want a silent cooler and a broken pump.( Yeah i recommended them before but actually with the high rate of
    pump failures is a NO)
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  3. Hi,
    Somehow after i updated my windows 10 to latest version as well the bios

    and run HCI again with the same setup, there is alot of memory error,

    anyone have advise?
    idk which one is caused the problem either HCI not compatible with latest windows or the bios

    but im sure there is not memory fault , stock clock no problem for overnight test

    only when i set to 2933

    should i compare with other strest test tool? which one is recommended?

    thank you
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