Can a WIFI signal be picked up by more than one device simulatneously? I'm trying out a system (Revolution Imager) that repla

WIFI broadcast to multiple receivers
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  1. Yes. However, you need to be clearer about your intended application.

    E.g. radio stations broadcast/transmit music, etc. to multiple users/receivers who tune their device to the radio station.

    But if you are using or intend to use some system that requires pair devices (one transmitting, one receiving) then no.

    Or if some encryption process is involved only devices capable of decrypting the wifi signal will be functional.

    Please add some details about what you are trying to do.

    My sense is that you wish to allow multiple viewers (e.g., students) watch some distant event.

    Is your requirement real time viewing or perhaps viewing via a video recorder of some sort?
  2. Here is the device that provides the video feed:
    ..and here is the optional WIFI emitter:
    Real time viewing.
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    So you would use the Wifi Emitter in lieu of or split with the 7" monitor - correct?

    Assembly video for imager:

    As for the emitter, the description includes "The Revolution Wi-Fi Emitter allows you take the video signal from the Revolution Imager and broadcast it over Wi-Fi to your compatible Android or iOS device." and "sharing with others". "Others" being plural.

    Android and iOS are singular.

    My understanding and expectation would be that if the "others" have their own Androids and iOS devices wirelessly connected then everyone should be able to see the image being broadcast over wifi.

    Would be a great educational tool if multiple students were able to watch on their own devices.

    Trusting that the all potential viewers also have the necessary app on their device and that there is no specific pairing requirement limiting the number of devices.

    Each device simply picks up the wifi signal from the imager and displays accordingly.

    What concerns me is that I did could not find any explicit information regarding such a setup.

    Watch the following video:

    Would expect that if multiple viewers were truly the case then the manufacturer would readily tout that functionality.

    I tend to be cynical about what is both said and unsaid when it comes to product marketing.

    My recommendation is to contact RevolutionImager and ask if more than one wifi device can watch at a time. I.e., no pairing - just simple signal reception and display via the applicable device app.
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