i5-3570k Can't overclock higher than 4ghz in bios

Hi, I wanted to OC my i5-3570k from 3.4ghz to 4.2 (or more) but the limit in bios is 4ghz and it seems that I can't find a option to unlock it. Can you please tell me how to OC it more than 4ghz?
Motherboard is GIGABYTE GA-Z77-D3H
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  1. I would not go over 4 if I were you. It stops you there for a reason. But if you want to, go into the motherboard and increase the voltage.
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  2. To overclock it properly you need a "z model" chipset on your motherboard. It the case of your CPU it would be either a Z68 or Z77 chipset.
    There are boards with the other chipsets that allow multiplier settings, bot they are obviously locked.

    Make sure your board supports if fully.
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