GTX 660 Ti Can run on my system ?

Hello my system is;
İ5 2500 3.3 Ghz
HD 7850 2GB Sapphire
8GB Ddr3 Ram
420W Gigabyte Power Supply

I'am using this system for a year i dont have a problem with 420 w PSU and non +80. Can i run 660Tİ Like this ? İ read in site HD 7850 130W And 660Tİ 150 W is that true and 660Tİ Will work my PSU ?
Thanks for help :)
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  1. Yes but you'd barely be able to run anything even after upgrading your gpu, but I'm just here to answer your question so...
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  2. What is that mean ? Thanks for quick answer.
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  3. All your components are really old so if you're planning on playing any games you won't be able to play much, maybe at the most minesweeper or snake (okay yes you probably will be able to play more than that but this is for comedic reasons and also because I'm too lazy to look up benchmarks). The most you can probably do (for real this time) is probably maybe some games at really low settings or old ones.
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  4. I would say try and find a 750ti, you can get them new for about 100 bucks and used for 50 easily. But like the others said your system is on the old side.
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  5. Ah. That's Unlikely right. My cpu handle some new games medium to high settings. And i dont want to play games ultra or high i just want to see something stable and little good resolution and 60 fps that's it. Thanks for your help :)
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  6. İn my country 660ti cheaper than 750 ti. And All of this cards used.
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  7. The i5 2500 may be getting old, but it's still not too bad. Sounds like a good upgrade to me.
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  8. The problem I see is that a 660 Ti can use two 6 pin connectors, does your power supply have two?

    The other problem is the 660 Ti is generally a competitor to the HD 7870. Since you have a 7850 I don't think you'll see much of a practical benefit. Another thing is I don't see the point of 'upgrading' from a 2gb card to a 2gb card in 2017. Your next card should be a 4gb like a 1050 Ti or a 3gb card like a 1060. Of older cards look at HD 7970s or their derivatives. The problem with the powerful older cards is they demand more power though.
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