Okay this is weird three nights ago I was listening to YouTube on my Android a cheap Android phone by TracFone... I was listen

Again I'm listening to headphones and I'm listening to King of Queens on YouTube all of a sudden I hear another Voice is coming through my headphones I looked up and saw my guy talking to my son through a crack as I was laying down through my door the weird thing is I finally found out it was him talking but it's coming through the headphones not me hearing it outside the headphones literally come in through like he was on YouTube to like two different shows what coming to YouTube but one was actually my home somebody talking and me listening to King of Queens on the YouTube and itself... I shut down at King of Queens and I started to hear my guy talking to my son but it was also a 5-second maybe delay as soon as my guy stop talking I still can hear his finishing his sentence... As soon as it ended I no longer could hear him talk... There was no longer an echo cuz King of Queens had gotten shut down but by time I try to show them what was going on with my headphones I shut down them talking by mistake and I couldn't get it back on again what would make this happen it's a cheap Android phone a dollar headphones could it be other devices and this apartment that I live in that could make me hear something so crazy I'm not making this up I would swear on my mother's grave... It's just weird the way I heard their voices will come in through the headphones not outside if you understand that me and I had to headphones are the voices came through the headphones and then... I don't know how to explain it but thank you so much......
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