Pc can't get past motherboard screen

Hello. I have a problem that's been really getting on my nerves. I turn on my pc and it boots up and everything but stops at the motherboard screen. It's all completely frozen so I can't go into the bios setup or anything. This happened before, I unplugged my power chord and plugged it back in and it worked but now it's not working. I looked up the problem on other websites and nothing is helping me at all. I checked my RAM and it isn't the problem either.
My specs are:
M5A78L-M USB 3
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
AMD FX 6300 six core
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  1. 1. Have you cleared the CMOS?
    2. Did you recently upgrade the video card?
    3. What operating system are you using?
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  2. Have you installed Windows?
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