No post after installing extra ram .. pc only reading 8 gig of 16 installed

Hey guys I was wondering what I should try setting my settings to on my ram to try and get it to post people have said to manipulate the settings and voltage . I installed 2 more sticks of ram and I can't get It to post at the speed of the ram it will run all four sticks but thy have to be set to 1333mhz ...

Gigabyte 9701 USP3
4gb 1050ti
16 gb crucial ballistix tactical 1866 ram settings on the stick are 1.5v .. just trying to get the pc to run all of the the 1866 it is suppose to the motherboard said it.supports it but I have yet to achieve it ..
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  1. That is nice to know, the settings on the stick, however what is the part number or link to the memory you have a question about.
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