Low frames on 1050ti

Nvidia 1050Ti
8gb Ram
AMD-FX 6300
MSI Motherboard (MSI-7641)
Stock fans/cooling

So about 2 weeks ago i upgraded my gpu from GTX 750ti to 1050Ti because i was tired of having low frames in PUBG, so after installation i went from averaging 35fps to 55fps

As of two days ago my pc seemed to just have slowed down for no reason...Im averaging not even 35fps on PUBG, 45fps on LoL (150-200) before 50fps on CSGO (200 before).. This is across all games too not just these two

Very frustrating as i just upgraded my GPU and my pc is running even worse than it was.

Cleaned all fans/Dusted out the pc
Updated Nvidia Drivers
Took my GPU out, cleaned it, put it back in
Reset all bios settings to default (though never overclocked)

GPU (Idle): 32-35
CPU (idle) 30-35
GPU (During game):50-60
CPU (During games): 50-60

I dont know what else to try, im not a PC Expert but i know a good amount and have tried everything i can think of. Only thing i have noticed was that in Open Hardware Monitor my GPU fans seem to be running at 30% all the time, i had speedfan installed but when my frames dropped i deleted it to see if it would help and no luck.
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  1. whats the cpu usage in Task manager while gaming on PUBG
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  2. Greg Gregorich said:
    whats the cpu usage in Task manager while gaming on PUBG

    around 75-80%
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  3. run antivirus program to see might have virus
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  4. Why would it have a virus?
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  5. Greg Gregorich said:
    run antivirus program to see might have virus

    nope, no viruses
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  6. i have to ask did you install Geforce experience
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  7. Greg Gregorich said:
    i have to ask did you install Geforce experience

    i upgraded from a nvidia 750ti so ive had geo experience on my pc for a while
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  8. your cpu is a bit weak for pubg, and pubg isnt well optimized.

    If you have graphics or driver issues, one of the most common fixes is a clean uninstall and removal of your graphics drivers.

    To uninstall your drivers, first download and run Display Driver Uninstaller, and follow it's recommendations of booting into safe mode and ect.
    (This is a direct download link so you don't grab the wrong version)

    You'll download a compressed file called "[Guru3D.com]-DDU.zip"
    Right click and choose extract.
    Go into the folder and run the DDU v##.##.exe
    This will extract more files to this folder.
    Run Display Driver Uninstaller.exe
    Choose Yes when it asks you to boot into SafeMode.
    After you've rebooted into safe mode.
    When DDU comes up, if it hasn't selected your GPU manufacturer (Nvidia/AMD/Intel) then choose it from the drop down list
    Press the Clean and Restart option
    If a window comes up asking to disable the Windows automatic installation of display drivers click yes.

    After (or before removing the old drivers, just put the new ones on the desktop or somewhere handy) rebooting back into Windows, manually download the latest drivers from Nvidia or AMD, don't use auto detect, choose you GPU model and OS from the drop down lists.
    Nvidia: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
    AMD: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download
    Intel: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html
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