Laptop goes to sleep in the middle of intro cinematic of Far Cry 4

I'm trying to troubleshoot a strange problem for a friend. We really want her to be able to play this beautiful game, Far Cry 4, but the laptop goes to sleep during the unskippable intro cinematic.

Game system requirements:

ASUS G750JW-NH71 custom build from XoticPC specs:

+ Samsung 120GB SSD and 7200RPM 1TB HDD (WD Black I think)
External wireless mouse/logitech wireless keyboard (tried without them, see below)
External Samsung CFG70 Series 24-Inch 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor set at 120hz
Windows 8.1 first and now a fresh formatted Windows 10 install with latest updates
Tried with both manufacturer-recommended video drivers and also latest drivers
Game purchased via Steam
Laptop always plugged in to a Belkin power surge protector

Troubleshooting I've done based on google searches:
  • Power options set to high performance and advanced settings set to max performance; never go to sleep
  • As above, tried with both manufacturer-recommended video drivers and also latest drivers
  • Tried formatting system drive and installing latest Windows 10
  • Tried unplugging all USB devices and the like (even the keyboard/mouse)
  • Tried disabling all bluetooth devices as well as updating their drivers
  • Tried reinstalling the game
  • Looked through the BIOS for any settings relevant to power/sleep/suspend and tried switching to the other options available
  • Tried several other games, they all work fine
  • Monitored GPU temps and usage with GPU-Z; usage never goes high except when launching the game; temps always consistent in 60-65 C range. The fan doesn't even spin up that high at any point during it.

Can't say if it would sleep during gameplay also since it never gets to that point and the cinematic is unable to be skipped. Such a strange problem... during a cinematic of all things, and it goes to sleep, no shutdown. Once it's awoken from sleep, sometimes the cinematic is resumed, other times the game is fully shut down. Goes to sleep anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes into the cinematic.

By "sleep", I mean the display turns off, laptop stops making noise and keyboard backlight shuts off, and when a key is hit, it resumes and asks for login password.

And once again, Windows power management settings were checked and set to never sleep and max performance.

Any ideas?
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