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I have a intel xeon x3470 and i am having a hard trouble trying to find the right voltages for my cpu the stock speed of the cpu is 2.93Ghz but i was able to get it to only 3.19Ghz if i put it to 3.3Ghz my pc would start but crash if i open an application. The voltage options i have are and their voltage is
-Cpu Vcore Voltage -1.164
-Cpu VTT Voltage - 1.242
-Cpu PLL Voltage
-DRAM Voltage - 1.611
-PCH Voltage
-IGD Voltage
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    this is the fred flintstone approach i used

    first, download Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU)
    Be sure to download from Intel and not CNET, softronic etc

    once downloaded, install it and get familiar with it - there are a number of youtube video's demonstrating it.
    On the left select "BENCHMARK" and run a benchmark test. Once it's completed, when you see the results, there'll be a blue button "COMPARE ONLINE" - clik on it. Once there, sign in and go to the "Analyse" page. You'll see a graph with your result highlighted with a golden arrow. Up at top you can narrow the comparison down to your cpu and your mobo - select those. Now the results you'll see are folks running your setup or one close to it.

    If you move your cursor over the other "dots" on the graph line, it will show that user's score, clock speed, etc and show "compatibility to your system. IF you see some that are 92% or higher compatible, left clik on the dot, and it will show that user's values on the right with a "download" button - download them and load them into XTU

    One advantage to XTU is that you can change most BIOS settings from within windows. Try one of the other's user's settings, until you find one that improves your benchmark.

    If their web doesn't show any users having posted results with your CPU and mobo, then watch the videos on youtube

    hope that helps
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  2. one suggestion i just remembered - when i initially used XTU, after installing it i noticed values in my BIOS would change on their own. When i un-installed XTU settings in BIOS became stable.

    So after playing with it some, and getting your settings where you want, you might want to uninstall it - i keep a copy of handy to re-install if / when i feel like using it

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