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Hello everyone,

I am looking into a PC for gaming. I was looking up Alienware but they do not list their components brands. Why is that? Are the parts cheap?
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  1. Benefits of Alienware (or any prebuilt) is really just the single point of warranty/service, customer support and, on the budget end of things - it can work out cheaper due to favourable "bulk" pricing deals the system builds can warrant.

    As for not listing the specific brands - generally, that;'s because they (essentially) reserve the right to switch those out with "like kind and quality". That's why you generally only see a wattage/80+ rating for a PSU, chipset for a motherboard and GPU for the graphics card.

    Alienware specifically, are owned by Dell and have a few different component providers.

    Quality-wise, they can be "cheap" sometimes.... other times, they're decent enough.
    For example, in Dell systems, PSUs are (generally) either Delta or Acbel. The delta units are much better in quality, but in any given product line (say, Vostro), both Delta and Acbel units can be deployed.

    On the mid to high end of the spectrum, it can be cost effective to build your own. There's still warranty on individual components, but htere's more troubleshooting involved - and you have to deal with the manufactruer's directly.
    Even in the instances where there's no price savings, you can be comfortable in the knowledge the components (PSU, motherboard, HDD etc) are of good quality and "fit for purpose".....
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  2. Some parts are dell proprietary stuff, no way to upgrade. Usually PSU mb ram hdd are cheap. Build your own is fun, cheaper but better components. Only downside is you may need troubleshooting if not working.
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