Only 60 70FPS in pubg

Guys whats the problem? I got 8gb ram i5 3470 and gtx 980 and only 60 fps. Utilization of GPU between 45 to 70% and cpu around 60 to 80% , in nvidia panel i have set prefer maximum performance and texture filtering to performance. Also i am using reshade, but that cost me like 5 to 10 fps based on my experience with R9 280. In lobby i get 125FPS in plane 100FPS on ground around 60fps. In bF1 full utilization of CPU and GPU 90-100fps on ultra.
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  1. In PUBG are any cores hitting 100%? Total cpu usage doesn't mean much if the load isn't balanced equally across all cores.
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  2. whats your hardware temperature readings,old video drivers,Windows updates,use some ccleaners free some space on Hd
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  3. Looks like in forests areas gpu is used more. I got around 90.
    Screen shots:
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