Problem with detecting my home wifi with a USB Wifi adapter

Hey guys.
2 Weeks ago, my girlfriend dropped my laptop and the screen sort of opened up. The 2 wifi cables that go from my laptop to the top of the screen got ripped apart, meaning I was not able to find any Wireless networks, unless I was sitting a meter away from my router.

My friend suggested I buy a USB Wifi adapter, so I bought a TP-Link wifi adapter. Everything is okay with it, except one thing. I am able to find all the networks, except my house network. I am sometimes at my parents' house, and there I am unable to find the network for the router. I find it weird, because I can connect with my phone, other devices connect just fine as well. I could be standing next to it, it won't find the network.

If I use this laptop with the adapter at my own house, or my girlfriend's parents', it works as well as it did a few weeks back. I have no idea why this is happening, and hoped some of you could help me.

Wifi Adapter as I mentioned was TP-Link.
My router (the one I can't connect to) is Zhone 6618-W1-xx
My laptop is MSI GP72 6QF
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