Fans Spin but no video in bios

Heya, I recently put my old graphics card in different pc, it worked fine for about 2 weeks (never had a single problem with this card) It suddenly just stopped outputting video and I cant get it to work.
I have tried it with a spare pc and no luck so the problem is with the gpu (also tried the pc with a spare gpu and it works fine so its not power or the pci slot), the fans spin and it lights up but no video output (even in bios) I was wondering if anyone could think of anything that might resurrect it.

Tried fully air cleaning it.
Tried dvi and hdmi ports so it isnt just one broken port.

Sapphire HD7970 6GB Vapor-X
850w psu
Asus maximus v extreme

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. so it visible in BIOS
  2. if it out of warranty look online for people thta do board level gpu repair if you want to see if it worth fixing. myself i just get a new gpu.
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