Will my CPU work with my Motherboard?

I'm planning on buying the i7 7700k 4.2gHz and just curious if it would work with my motherboard. I know it fits because the i7 I'm getting is a LGA 1151 and so is the motherboard.

Here is the CPU:

Here is the Motherboard:
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    Do you already have this motherboard? If you do and have an old CPU with it, you could update the BIOS to allow it to work with the i7-7700k.

    Out of the box, B150 chipsets aren't compatible with the 7th gen Intels.
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  2. It might be compatible out of the box, it depends which BIOS is installed. If its an older BIOS your going to need a 6th gen cpu installed so you can do a BIOS update before the 7700k will work.
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  3. I already have the Motherboard and I have an i5 6500 in there. How would I go around and update the BIOS so it's compatible for 7th gen processors?

    Also what's the safest way to update it? I've bricked a Motherboard before somehow and I don't want to brick a Motherboard that's worth over $200

    (Normally I get my moms friend to do it but I'm currently broke and can't pay him and I don't want to keep asking him for help)
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  4. Flashing a BIOS varies slightly from motherboard manufacturer to another from what I've seen. Best to check the motherboard manual for safety.
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  5. I already have the Motherboard installed and it already has a prossesor in. I'm not going to buy another mb.

    I read the manual that came in the box and it told me I needed a USB and the driver in there. And you go in the BIOS and select an option called M-Flash and just select the file and wait for it to install. Pretty simple.
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