I need help to choose a GPU...

I found few GPUs that are decent for around 50 to 60 US dollars...I found Overclocked Radeon R7 250 1gb GDDR5, Radeon HD 6850 1gb GDDR5, Nvidia GTX 460, GTX 550 Ti, GT 730,GTX 650,GTX 560...What GPU should I get

Intel Q8300 2,5 Ghz
MSI Ms 7366 motherboard
600 GB Hard Disk
Nvidia GT 220...xD
500 W PSU
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  1. What is your psu Brand does she have 80 Plus or Active PFC does she have 6 Pin Connector ?

    Choose the GTX 650.
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  2. In fact right now I found GTX 650 Ti for 55 Us dollars..Is it a good price?
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  3. R_1 said:

    Well GTX 650 Ti is slightly better than GT 1030 ...
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