Asus p8h77-v le motherboard graphics card slots.

I have been using my PC for over 5 years now and until recently I don't get any display when I boot up. I hooked up to the onboard graphics and everything works fine. When I connect back to the card I get nothing.

So I pulled out the card and tried the second pci-e slot. That gives me display but the card is still not defected. I don't know if my board is faulty or top slot is damaged. I even got a new graphics card but still not working

Please I need help. Thank you
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  1. try clear cmos, can you provide full pc spec.thanks.
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  2. Greg Gregorich said:
    try clear cmos, can you provide full pc spec.thanks.

    PC specs
    Asus ph877-v le motherboard
    Intel i5 2500k
    12gb corsair ram
    Asus gtx 770 direct ocu2
    650w PSU.


    So I went into the bios and set primary display from auto to pcie and with card plugged in second pcie slot its detected now and I can game again. Funny thing I tried this and it didn't work. Thank you
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  3. your welcome! :)
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