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Hello, i have a problem. My computer is laggning in games like pubg and GTA V but it starts like a year after i got my PC

My Specs are
Cpu: AMD fx-8350
Gpu: Asus GTX 960 strix
Motherboard: MSI 970 gaming
Ram: 8gb 1866 MHz ddr3
SSD: Samsung 250gb
HDD: 1gb seagate Barracuda

When i got my PC it works perfect but now it has started lagging, i think it is something with the processor but don't know. Should i upgrade my gpu or my cpu. I was thinking about chanching ram to DDR4 16gb, ryzen 5 1500x, and some AM4 motherboard since blackfriday is comming up. Is it better to buy something like a gtx 1060 or 1070
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  1. Ideally, you will need both CPU and GPU upgrade.

    Ryzen or coffee lake / B350 MB or Z370 MB / ddr4 ram and GTX 1060+
    How much is your budget? You may need a new build in the end :)
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  2. Have you ever cleaned the dust from the PC.
    Download and run OCCT and check your processor temps.
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  3. Agree with above, start from free stuff, clean dust and clean install OS. They may solve your lagging.
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  4. Pubg is very poorly optimized anyhow and has been having server issues.
    Unreal Engine is not really the best for that type of game.
    Same used to make sword of the avatar and it's almost unplayable with a couple dozen players on the screen.
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