Could somebody tell me if this pc could run rainbow six siege

Intel® Pentium® G4400 CPU
NVIDIA™ GeForce® GT 1030 2GB graphics
Wi-Fi connectivity
H110 motherboard
Windows 10
Game Max Centurion Micro-ATX case
AeroCool 500W 80+ Bronze PSU
5 Year Standard Warranty
Or instead core i3
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  1. It probably can at medium to low settings, ur cpu is a bottleneck though.
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    The CPU is not a bottleneck at all. If you want the best experience possible I would buy any graphics card that's $100 or more, but this could get around 60 frames on 720p high or 1080p low.
  3. It CAN run it but it won't be that great. You should check the min specs for the game, they always show what the specs are. You didn't say what performance you're hoping for though. I'd upgrade your pc.
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