6700k CPU Dropping to 804mhz randomly during gameplay

So while playing some games like overwatch or rainbow six my cpu has been randomly stuttering i checked my clock speeds and my cpu clock speeds drop from 4000mhz (the highest it goes is 4023mhz) to 804 mhz all 4 cores. All temperatures are normal the highest core is 67 degrees Celsius.

My voltage is usually around 1.0 or higher the max being 1.359 and the min being .778 for some reason.

This started happening randomly idk why everything seems normal in terms of temperature, and my cpu is running on turbo boost, any help?
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  1. What video card are you running?
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  2. gasaraki said:
    What video card are you running?

    gtx 1070 the temps are fine on that too at 63 degrees
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  3. Try switching Windows Power Plan to high performance and check if it's still dropping.
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