Issues with random PC turn offs during gaming

My friend is currently having an issue with his PC. He has a GTX 1080ti, an Intel I7-6700k (never overclocked), an Asus Maximus VIII Hero board and a 550W EVGA power supply.

The issue he is having is that during gaming his PC is randomly shutting down, no BSOD or anything, just a shutdown and a quick restart.

It's not been easy to diagnose the problems so far as I live a bit of a distance away so have had to do it all remotely over video chat.

Anyway I initially diagnosed the problem to be that for some reason the motherboard was overvolting the CPU, apparently it's a known problems with these boards and it was setting the voltage to 1.344V under load. The temperatures were also going up to 95 celcius after a few minutes of Prime 95, so I got him to set the voltage back to 1.2.

After setting the voltage back the temperatures were only 60 celcius under load after 10 minutes so I assumed before the temperature must have just been continuing to rise until the thermal shut off point and that had been the problem.

However after half an hour of gaming the exact same thing happened again. I considered that maybe this chip needed more power so I tried getting him to set it to 1.25, 1.28 etc etc and the same thing kept happening. The more times it restarted over a short period of time the quicker it would tend to happen again.

Now am I missing something really obvious in the BIOS settings here (yes the BIOS are up to date and I have got him to try a CMOS reset)? Or is this just probably the PSU struggling with the load?

I was just hoping someone would recognise the problem to save the trip down this weekend.

Also the weird thing to me though is that the shut offs seem to consistently happen during transitions e.g. game to loading screen and visa versa.
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    Try a different power supply.
    The CUP should throttle down because of heat not restart the PC
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  2. Zerk2012 said:
    Try a different power supply.
    The CUP should throttle down because of heat not restart the PC

    Thanks, sounds like it's certainly not the CPU. Would undervolting/clocking the GPU reduce the wattage that much?
    Basically might it be the easier way of testing if the PSU is struggling with the wattage?
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