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Hello,I recently purchased a 1tb toshiba external hard drive to copy wifes photos too,which I did,all fine.I then downloaded a windows 10 iso because her laptop was playing up,I ended up buying a new laptop and plugged the toshiba hdd in to copy photos too (about 42 Gb),I deleted iso file and looked for photos but could not find then and now it says 32gb unallocated and 899 gb raw healthy primary partition is disc manager.
The hd is not showing up in This pc,how do i get it show in This pc,how do i get it to show 1tb,and more importantly how do I get her photos back,thanks in advance
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  1. So you copied the photographs from the "playing up" laptop to the Toshiba external hard drive. All fine.

    Are the source photographs still safely on the older "playing up" laptop's hard drive?

    Did you also download the Windows 10 iso to the Toshiba external hard drive?

    As I understand your post, you reinstalled Windows 10 on her new laptop, which is working accordingly, and then copied the photographs back to the new laptop via the Toshiba external hard drive.

    And the photos cannot be found on the laptop - correct?

    In any case the primary objective is to "do no harm". And to have the photographs safely copied and out of the way. Preferably two sets.
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