Worth buing Sound BlasterX AE-5 for ASUS X79 MOBO?

I mostly play video games and listen to YouTube music. My speakers are standing 2.1 Panasonic from my old 300$ Home Theater and my headphones are Astro A40 with MIXAMP. So will I notice any diff. after getting this or some other sound card for the things that i do?

P.S. I am happy with current sound quality but I love great sound and I would not mind if it was better.
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  1. In my experience, the historical motivator for a sound card upgrade has either been (a) the system is poorly processing too many voices (video game, in game chat, team speak, etc) and one of these voice channels is getting garbled, or (b) you need additional or specific inputs/outputs. Personally I haven't heard an improvement since the Sound Blaster Pro I installed in 1999, though a true audiophile could probably disagree.
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    No reason to anymore unless your MB has Realtek® ALC892 . Especially since you only have a $300 sound system. If you have something like the realtek alc1150 or like onboard soundblaster, it won't make a difference.
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  3. Thank you. I will stay with what i have
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