hdd running time in hd tune

few things i would like to know.
1. refurbished hard drives how do they reduce the power on time and estimated remaining lifetime along with total start/stop count which is shown in hd tune and hard disk sentinel.
(The Overview page)

2. how can i do that ?

3. Other users and shops in the market are selling these old models and having DOB of 2011- 2014 hard drive of wd black or wd black enterprise, seagate, and others, cheaper then the new, (They call it Fresh not NEW) but on Hd sentinel , the overview page and others are showing very low around 10-100 hours running time and estimated over 1000 , basically as like new.
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  1. There is no legitimate reason you would change that. It is the equivalent of rolling back the odometer on a car. It is fraud.

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