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ok I was bidding on the MSI z170 Xpower Titanium I got the board for $81.00 never used , i went to the website for the cpu List and once again for im stuck I found the Intel Core i3-7350K UNLOCKED Kaby Lake 7th Gen 4.2GHz LGA 1151 BX80677I37350K this is only the CPU does this cpu have to be water cooled or what & will it work flawlessly with my Setup I have a Artic Freezer Extreme Rev2 CPU Cooler already will it work???DDR4 2800mhz m.2 card 4T hitachi 3.5 Sata harddrid & 2x 750gb Seagate hard drives MSI r 7 260X x2 1000 Watt rosewill Glacier 80+ Bronze power supply And a numerous amount of cooling fans this is My 2nd Intel Build ever everything else i have Done was Amd And im also bidding on a Asus ROG Strike B350-F with the CPU so that may be my first build with the AM4 So i may need some help OC on that
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  1. You'll need a bios update to support the i3-7350k as it's a z170 board. Seeing how the board has flashback+ you can do that without ram and cpu installed, just need a PSU. It's only a duel core with a vcore of 1.23v, your cpu cooler will work just fine.
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  2. I put a I7 7700k in my Asus Sabertooth Z170S i did not have to touch the bios at all it was a new board never used but yes i know usually when you downgrade processors you have to flash Bios so when ever it comes i will flash if need to be this Msi i was just a hoping win to do i a white themed build for my daughter
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