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Hello, I was wondering if an external sound card with a usb port to plug in headsets that require power exist. The onboard sound has had issues for over a year, sound from the left channel being miniscule for both USB headsets and bluetooth headphones and speakers. The aux port on the motherboard seems to be the only place where sound comes out equally from both channels. I only have one functioning PCI slot for the video card so an internal card is out of the question. I'd appreciate any sort of help finding something that will fix this dire situation. Thaaanks
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  1. They all just have aux ports. I'm kinda looking for something like this, but instead of being just a hub, it being a sound card with at least one port to plug in USB headsets in, if such thing exists.
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  2. That does look better, I'm just questioning if the sound will come from the external sound card itself or still receive it from the on board sound. I'm not the smartest when it comes to this, sorry for my lack of understanding.
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  3. Juan Tienda said:
    They all just have aux ports. I'm kinda looking for something like this, but instead of being just a hub, it being a sound card with at least one port to plug in USB headsets in, if such thing exists.

    I hate to burst your bubble but... USB headsets have inbuilt soundcard in the connector. Due to that, no soundcard will likely EVER have USB output like you want (it would be pointless)

    So if you use USB headset, motherboard soundcard will not be used either, the original problem of left channel being mostly muted is more likely due to some odd balance/mixer settings (since it seems to affect headset, speakers and bluetooth) and not just the headset being broken.

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  4. Thanks for the info, that's something I didn't know. I checked and they were both at 100, and the right channel is still much louder than the left channel in both USB and Bluetooth devices. The only two instances where audio was equal were with normal headphones connected directly to the motherboard's audio jack, and the second with my monitor's speakers which seem to get their audio signals from the video card via displayport, since that's the only connection the monitor has with my PC. Any ideas?
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    well, logic goes that since monitor works (and yes, it gets sound through display port cable) and normal headphones connected to motherboard work, the problem lies in the USB headset.

    If the headset has it's own volume slider, that is the most likely culprit (I have old headphones whose volume slider at times "mutes" other side in certain spots) since it either has random stuff between the connectors or just oxidized connection or.. something like that.

    Fixing said thing would require taking it all apart which would most likely break it (they were never meant to be self serviceable) but.. using one of the de-oxidizing sprays for cleaning contacts might or might not work, just let it dry for a day or two after applying it and using the slider to get it to spread where it should to avoid problems.

    If your headset doesn't have volume settings, then it might be breaking up internal cable and/or connection which causes extra impedance and thus.. lowers the volume.

    Edit: Googled CHT909BT and.. it's a wireless stereo speaker system, making all this talk about headsets feel.. odd.

    Yes, it supports (should, according to google) bluetooth and aux in (3.5mm jack) and since you are using bluetooth, it might be that the bluetooth adapter in computer could be a problem.
    If the volume problems wont' exist when you pair the speakers with your phone, then the problem is not in the speakers.
    If problems stay even with a phone and they are gone if you use 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable between phone and speakers or computer and speakers then the problem is the bluetooth receiver in speakers.
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  6. I appears that both the bluetooth adapter and my USB headset are the issue. Since the adapter and USB headset both have the same issue on my brother's PC, while his USB headset works perfectly on mine. Thanks for the help on this, I greatly appreciate it. All I need is get another headset, and yes, the fault one I have right now does have a volume wheel :3
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