Connecting a sound card to a home theater receiver?

Still planning out a new gaming build. Was thinking of adding the new Sound Blaster X Pro Gaming to the system. I play some games on my PC like normal, but for some others like long adventure games I prefer sofa gaming with a bluetooth controller, so I run a 25 foot HDMI cable from my PC's video card directly into my 7.1 home theater receiver for gaming on my TV, using my motherboard's built in audio (realtek or something like that). I noticed I’m playing more and more on my TV lately.

So I’m wondering, if I add the sound card, will it work through the HDMI cable like my motherboard audio? And would I have to disable the motherboard audio in device settings first for it to work?

Or will I need to connect my receiver directly to the sound card with a really long toslink cable? I’d prefer 1 cable to rule them all. If I can connect through the HDMI cable, will there be any loss in quality as opposed to connecting directly to the card?
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  1. The Sound Blaster will not go through the video card's HDMI output. You will have to run a separate cable from the Sound Blaster. You do not need to disable anything... You can just set the default audio device in your sound settings(Control panel)
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