Issue with 2tb external ssd.

My computer was turned off while it was scanning the ssd. Basically now whenever I plug it in via usb it says 'formatting required', but when I press format it freezes windows explorer and doesnt unfreeze unless pc is restarted or ssd is disconnected. Ive opened up the ssd and its a legit ssd with no visible scratches. Ive tested diffrent usb wires and on diffrent computers, no luck. Please help, Thanks!
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  1. SSD (Solid State Drive) or HDD (Hard Disk Drive)? Make and model of the drive?

    Your post appears to describe an HDD ("no visible scratches") when you looked at the shiny silver platter(s) inside. If that is what you mean.

    If not an HDD, did you actually open the SSD or do you mean just the external case holding the SSD?

    Sounds more like a 3 1/2 laptop drive than a SSD - not sure about the 2TB size?

    Either way, no matter which one you opened, if truly opened, the drive is beyond repair or recovery. Unless you spend lots of money....

    If you did not actually look inside the drive, download and run the drive's manufacturer's diagnostic software. Find out what problems are reported.

    Data may or may not be recoverable. Nor the drive either.
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