asus x370-f strix problem

I just bought a new x370-f strix motherboard, installed all drivers required and update it to the latest bios. but the asus aura software couldn't seem to detect my motherboard
Another problem is the intel gigabit lan driver is kinda slow on startup
It start detecting my ethernet connection after my other programs load which annoys me because most of my startup apps require internet connection (steam, discord, etc, etc)
Is this common? or maybe there's some driver fault? or maybe my motherboard is bad? should I RMA it?
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  1. I'm assuming you are running Windows. If you are, the LAN connection is, in most cases, one of the last components to fully come on line. Unless it is taking an extraordinarily long time (imo longer than about a minute after boot), in which case I would start looking into whether your LAN connection is being buggy. As for the ASUS Aura issue, I would recommend reaching out to ASUS, as it may be an issue with the software.
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  2. it probably took just about 1 min after i'm on my desktop
    sometimes I need to troubleshoot my internet so it can detect my LAN. Already tried reinstalling driver, same problem occurs
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  3. I think that is simply a Windows issue. I have had that issue numerous times before on Windows 7. I'm not sure there is a whole lot you can do about it unfortunately.
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  4. solved the aura problem, turns out I have to restore all my bios settings to default for it to work. After it got detected I managed to overclock all my hardware again :D
    Only problem now is the internet, some says that intel gigabit needs a better LAN cable or there might be some corruption during windows installation. I remember that the 1st time I plug in my LAN cable after installing windows (before installing any driver) my pc suddenly restart but it boot up normally afterwards so I didn't really mind, maybe I should do another reinstall if I have time...

    update : internet problem disappears after i updated my windows 10, now everything works fine :D
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