Newbie With Compatability Questions (Pentium G3250)

Hey all, new here.

Slowly acquiring components for a first PC build. Been using PCPARTPICKER.
Build Link:

Found an MSI H81I for cheap and I'm curious, is there anything I need to know about compatibility with the chip?

It's an old chip (not refresh, I'm pulling it out of an old Dell) and I'm hoping to run this thing on integrated graphics until I can buy a good card.
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  1. Even With the older cpu? The computer I pulled it out of is about ten years old. What's the best way to go about updating the bios?
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    My bad it won't need an update.

    Had a different CPU in mind.
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  3. I figured I might get lucky with that. Any other general advice? I tried to put my list together so I'd have room to upgrade a bit later on.
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  4. I looked at the next generation , yours is fine , No BIOS update needed.
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