CPU irrelevan at 1440p?

As the holiday season approaches, my build is nearing closer...

Quick question - All the benchmarks / reviews I see all lead to one conclusion...

As you go up in the 1440p / 4k range...everything becomes GPU bound more-so then CPU bound.

Since I'm trying to save money to stay under budget, but get the best possible gaming rig..I'm starting to lean toward one conclusion:

An 8400 + 1080 ti is going to outperform a 8600k + 1080. This PC is only used for gaming / watching movies. Since memory prices are out of hand, I am compensating with lowering the cpu cost. (ryzen is out of the question, since I'm coming from AMD and want to change it up.) trying to min/max fps on a budget as well.

Is this correct - that the CPU difference will only account for 5-10 fps difference compared to the 1080 ti vs the competition.

1440P 27' gsync monitor will be used.

Thank you
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  1. Simple way to put it: your FPS is the minimum of CPU limited FPS and GPU limited FPS. For 1080p, both 1080 and 1080 ti will not reach their limit, so only CPU limits are the only dominant factor. When it goes to 1440p, gtx 1080 may face some limit while 1080 ti is still strong. In this case, even 8600k is better than 8400, the final fps could be the other way around. For 2k gaming, definitely 8400+1080 ti will perform better if you play unltra settings. However, if you are willing to lower settings to a level GTX 1080 is not the limit any more, 8600k and gtx 1080 will give you better FPS for sure.
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