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I’m in the process of buying a new PC and so far I have my processor and graphics card. I was wondering if it is worth waiting until Black Friday to get the rest of my components. Does RAM or storage drop by a reasonable amount? I’m getting a little impatient as I have the money to buy the rest of my components but if I’m going to save a reasonable amount I can wait another few weeks
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  1. Have you bothered to look in the last few days? Most places have their Black Friday stuff advertised already.
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  2. It's very rare to find anything decent but i did get Crucial 256GB SSD 2 years ago for £35 on black Friday sale.
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  3. i doubt you'll find it worth waiting for a full system build. unlikely every part you want/need at a big enough saving to justify waiting.

    you may find a piece or 2 that could save a few bucks. but is it worth waiting to save $20 if that?
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  4. Ok if it’s of any interest for any one that may have done some Black Friday browsing and knows some potential discounts this is what I’m going to be building
    If I’m only going to be saving $20 - $40 I’ll just order the parts now. Also, any recommendations or changes to my build besides the graphics card or processor since those parts have been ordered already
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  5. "Black Friday" is a marketing term for the period of 1 Nov through 15 Jan.

    Monitor the prices for your specific parts daily. Maybe twice a day.
    When it is at a price you wish to pay, buy it.
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  6. :bounce:after New Year eve prices way better but not much in stock ::bounce:
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