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Is my cable management okay/good because it's my first time building a gaming PC and first time managing cables so I need you guys to tell me what you think and give me advice/things I could do (put cable around your whatever or through that hole, etc) if you see potential. If it's fine then I think I'm fine :) Here's reference:
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  1. Looks good to me. Honestly, unless you have a windowed case and care about the inside looking pretty, it doesn't really matter.
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  2. Short answer, not very good. Though nothing really harmful.

    To make it neater, anytime you can have a power cable go behind the motherboard tray, that is what the openings around the power supply are for, do so. Same with the CPU power connector, there should be an opening near the top of the case to route it behind the motherboard tray. (Sometimes the cord is not long enough, so you might already be doing the best you can do there)

    Rotate the rear fan to take up as much slack as you can on the cable before plugging it in.

    Not really anything you can do with the excess cables, but you could coil them neatly perhaps.

    Pretty sure I have a case with that chassis actually. Same front structure certainly.
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  3. And now what do you think? -
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    A lot of the same really. Almost none of the cable management holes have been used. With a computer like this it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to air flow or maintenance. But in more cramped situations it can make a big difference.

    Without knowing the components it is hard to show you an example of what could be done. Though there are certainly plenty of images online of 'proper' cable management.

    Another way to look at it is anywhere a cable is plugged in, where is the closest point where it can be routed behind the motherboard tray?

    Every single power cable you are using should immediately go through one of the holes in the motherboard tray. Then you route it along the back of motherboard as close to its destination as possible, then it can re-enter the front area of the case.

    This applies to all the other wires as much as possible.

    I believe that is your front panel connectors with all the zip ties, unplug that from the motherboard, and route it through one of the cable management holes near the front I/O, then back into the main area of the case only when it is as close to the connectors as possible.
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