Overclocking apu and ram

I have amd a8 7600 and i want to overclock it.how do i know if it is stable wil the apu lifetime get decreased ...
Amd a8 7600
Ram 4 gb ddr3 1600 mhz (i will get another stick)
motherboard a68hm p33 v2
I would like to oc the ram too not too much
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  1. why do you want to OC the ram for? OCing RAM isnt going to give you any noticeable increase in performance
    you will need a unlocked CPU ike a 7600(x) as well as a mother board that allows you to OC as well anything with a (Z) like a z170 motherbaord

    if you dont have either of those you will not be able to OC the CPU or the ram
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  2. I thought if i OC ram i will get better preformace because apu works the best with fast memory
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