CiT Vantage Gamers Case side panel fan connection help needed!


Can someone help me out with finding the right cable to connect the side fans on this case?
Bought this pc for a bargain price and everything is working but not the controlled LED side fans and it drives me mad. I can seem to find the right cable + it doesn't look like I have any free molex cables to connect them anyway.
Maybe someone more experienced could help me out with a solution? I would appreciate if you could post a link to the right type of cable.
I'm guessing here but it looks like I need a molex cable + molex extension cable (as I have no free molex cables) and the other end should have two male pins that need to be plugged in the 2 fan female controller on the side panel.
I have found a video on youtube but unfortunately the quality is not the best and the guy doesn't quite explain what sort of a cable it is.
I have added a youtube link.

Link to the case http://

I will try adding some pics to make things clearer.

Really hope someone can help me out as I can't stand when things don't work properly.
Thank you.
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