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Building a new system. Nothing wrong with my current set up. It’s just to over powered for me I feel. Current: Foxconn X79, e5-1650 OC 4.3, dual HD7970’s in crossfire, and an evo850. I like the system, but it’s big and super hot. It’s like having a heater in the room.

I’ve been wanting a smaller system. I know everyone will say “get an i5”. I was thinking G4560. But every review is just about gaming. I don’t play that many games. World of tanks maybe 3 times a week. I was wondering how the G4560 stands up to everyday tasks. I use a lot of Microsoft office. I have gotten used to the speed of my current system, and worried that the G4560 will just suck.

I don’t want to over kill this system. I was wanting to keep it simple, lower power, but capable.
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  1. Which parts of MS Office? Spreadsheet calculations or macros that take 5 min on your current system? Those will take quite a bit longer since Excel scales pretty well with 8 or so cores. Powerpoint/Word? Probably more dependent on RAM and storage subsystem.

    Don't skimp on the RAM (16GB) and get a good SSD, you will probably be fine.
  2. Mostly Word, and PowerPoint. I do have some excel sheets that take about 1-1.5 mins to load fully. That was my biggest concern. It takes 1 min to open with 6c12t now, I can only imagine with 2c4t.

    I honestly think 90% of my computer usage is single threaded. But I think I have been spoiled with the Xeon. I will have Word, PowerPoint, google chrome with 4-6 tabs open, on 2 32in monitors and never misses a beat.
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