Hard drive is killed when connected to my PC

This was my components,
ECS G41 DDR3 Motherboard,
Nvidia GT210,
350W powersupply.

I was working fine with a Seagatte 180GB old HDD. But sometimes it froze for like 10 seconds. And suddenly when it restarted and when it was rebooting I found out that is was saying "Reboot and select proper Boot Device" BIOS error. It detects the HDD on BIOS as a 180GB hard drive but does not boot into that medium.

So I plugged in another old 90GB HDD (please don't laugh) to that computer. It worked fine for a while with Windows 8.1. And suddenly all the desktop icons dissappeared and the computer froze. So I switched off from main power and restarted. Then it says there is no SATA HDD connected.

The previous one said "Reboot and select proper Boot Device", other says that there is no hard drive connected so nothing to boot.

What is wrong with my computer? Is it a coincidence or bad HDDs? Is it the power supply? To get a working computer again should I buy a new HDD or something else first?
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    Both are signs of failing HDD's.Could be a PSU , but very rare.
  2. I would buy both.
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