BSOD- Suspected faulty cooler pump- anyone can confirm? dump attached.

Attached dump file & system data links below.

My computer recently blue screened then repeatedly shut itself off without any warning (no blue screen, just powered down). I managed to get into the bios and cpu temp read 95c. The desktop is a rendering and 3d modeling work station and typically only hits the 40s under max load with networked cpu rendering.

I pulled off the old water cooler and installed a new one, and its stable so far with one stick of ram- 30 minutes or so and reading 25c. I ran sfc/scannow and no integrity violations.

A couple years ago I had repeated bsod and it took a solid week of testing to pinpoint a faulty ram slot, so I've been unhappy with the mobo. I built it inside a G5 case (PITA) and its currently all disassembled, so if the bsod points to other issues i'd like to keep testing and maybe go ahead and replace the mobo.

Any insight into the dump file? Thanks!

dump & sysdata-
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