Intel S2600CP2- Max fan RPM, no BIOS

Motherboard: Intel S2600CP2
CPU: Dual Intel E5-2697vs
RAM: 256GB of Samsung RDIMM (16 x 16gb sticks)
PSU: Dual standard 750w brick server PSU

Good day, all. I purchased a used server, from a friend, and it was booting into BIOS prior shipment. After receiving it, I was able to get it to boot into BIOS 1 time (with no monitor/peripherals attached). The following day, I attempted to move forward with OS installation, etc. However, it will not boot into BIOS.

Upon putting power to the PSU, all lights on the board will fire and then board power light will stay at a consistent green. The status light, in the rear, will flash green and the adjacent light will stay on as constant blue. The fans will move to about 1/3 full speed for about 5 secs and then they will fall back to idle. This seems to all be what should be taking place.

After the aforementioned, the board will automatically attempt to boot (w/o me touching the power button on the front of the case). The fans will ramp up to max rpm and simply stay at that level with no change. The PSU fan will ramp up and then slowly settle back to idle. It remains in this state until I manually kill the power. The lights continue to flash green (for the status light) and stay a consistent green (for the mobo power light). What's very odd is that none of the diagnostic light (the small cluster of 8 led's) light up, at any point.

I have tried it w/ and w/o a keyboard/mouse/monitor attached. I have broken it down to just 1 stick of RDIMM and 1 CPU, etc. Both PSU check out ok. There is nothing attached to the case intrusion pin set. I've tried with one psu, the other and both. Most forum suggestions relate to checking logs and running diagnostics. I'm not able to get far enough into the boot process to attempt those suggestions.

This is my first post in Tom's Hardware so forgive any forum specific ettiquette that I may have mistakenly disregarded.

Thank you, in advance, for your suggestion and help.

Best Regards,
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