Server with a failed RAID Configuration

So we have a rack server, a HP Proliant 360e gen 8 to be specific.
It was configured with (I assume) RAID 5 with 3 drives connected a while back, it runs SBS 2011

So at one point in it's like, a drive was removed, making the windows OS corrupt albeit still functional ( eventually ).

I'm trying to re purpose the server but have no luck getting into the RAID configuration ( Intelligent provisioning ) as it just crashes, there is no other way for me to wipe the drive that I have found due to this RAID, I have also tried booting to a USB with Intelligent Provisioning but without any luck.

Any bright ideas?
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  1. So you are just trying to wipe the drives completely or are you trying to leave the OS intact?

    If you just want to start all over you have to go into what ever the RAID card BIOS is (On dell is it like CTRL I or R right after the POST Screen) and then delete the virtual disk and then make a new one (Would only be able to do RAID 1 or 0 with just two drive) and then reinstall OS.

    If the OS is still working you can just get another drive (Just make sure at the very least it matches the other drive as interface IE SAS or SATA) You can mix and match speeds, size (Must be at least same size of other drives) cashe etc for it to work. Having them all match is best.
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