Problems with Asus M5A97 R2.0

I have just bought a M5A97 R2.0 and when i try to turn It on It has no video. I have already tryed to update the BIOS using BIOS flashback (as Asus suport told me to) but still no video. CPU Fx-8350 .GPU Radeon R7 360. Hyperx fury 8 GB ram(2x4gb).Asus suport also told me to try using a different GPU and then check again with my R7 360 but that is the only GPU I have.I hope there is no bigger problems.

Edit 1 : i am using HDMI cable (only one my monitor can use).

Edit 2 : all lights and fans turn on , CPU, GPU and mobo components heat up, HD and dvd reader are on too,It looks like the only missing thing is video.

Edit 3 : the CPU , GPU , and everything else is working on my old mobo
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  1. A very basic question but did you remember to plug your PSU's 6pin PCIe power connector into the Radeon R7 360?
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  2. Yes, the gpu fan start spinning and the gpu heats up
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