Seasonic Snow silent PSU fried

Hello fellow THG fans! Maybe someone will be able to help me. I fried my new and pretty psu. Maybe someone knows where to find schematics for this one? Symptoms are these: doesn't start at all. One very good technician checked input voltages and said voltage is ok but he cant do anything without schematics
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  1. It should have a 7 year warranty send it in for a replacement.
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  2. I can't I was dumb enough to show it to the service man already so he cut the "cut this and lose warranty" sticker. He didn't touch anything inside though, maybe if I contact Seasonic and ask them politely they will fix it or replace it. But I bought it in the US and now I'm in Europe, its very expensive to send it there
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  3. If he opened it no warranty.
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