Help required - Unable to format or delete data from MicroSD card

I am facing a strange problem regarding a mobile MicroSD card. I am unable to format this card, I have used different utilities from different websites and also used windows default format option to format data from the card for it ends in failure every time. There is a folder in this card which is causing problem in which there are many files of 0KB and their names includes (╚sB╘q ) like characters in it. When i delete these files, windows gives an error that "the file name you specified is too long or invalid", Specify a different file name". The file name also cannot be changed as it gives same error when change its name. Another problem is that when I manually delete any other file or files from this memory card they are deleted at that time but when I reconnect this memory card with PC or Mobile phone these files come back again.

Please help me how I can solve this problem.
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  1. honestly sounds like the SD Card it self is bad and corrupt.
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