Unstable Ping Issue!

Hi all

I am having a weird problem with my wifi router.
The ping is usually 170 ms but sometimes it suddenly spikes to 300+.
It then stays there.
Sometimes rarely it comes down again.
Is it related to a dynamic ip or anything like that.
If so then I can change it to static or something like that.
When I restart my router also it shows different ping.
Sometimes high Sometime low but it spikes most of the time.
ISP did not identify the issue and could not help. Really frustrated with it btw. But am stuck with this for the next few months.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You.
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  1. What are your trying to ping. If it is some site on the internet it is a very different issue than if you see this problem ping your local router.

    If you are using wifi this is extremely common and is caused by interference from things inside or outside your house.

    You are going to have to do more controlled testing to find anything. First you want to always test from a wired computer to eliminate the wifi issues. Then you need to run ping against your router to be sure you have no issues with your pc or your router. After that things get messy because the problem could be far from your house...ie it could be a problem with the ISP the server is on not your ISP. You want to run tracert and then ping ip you see in this trace. Hop2 is generally your ISP first router between your house and the ISP this is the easiest for the ISP to fix.
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