motherboard max temp?

hi i got a system with good cpu temps but motherboard temp under load goes up to 62 c,
is that to high or is ok when under full load? thanks
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  1. What are system specs? Which utility is showing the motherboard temp to be 62 C?
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  2. its a oem Fujitsu p500 that i upgraded with a intel core i5 2400, only one cpu fan and one fan in rear so i guess thats part of the problem.
    im using hw monitor to check the temps , cores dont go over 65 c at full load but thetemp labeld sysint goes up to 62 c on full load , sometimes only up to 57/58 c though. I also got a geforce gtx 1050 in this one so i guess that builds some heat to.
    Im guessing sysint is northbridge or southbridge from what iread 60 c under load is ok but im not sure.
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  3. the idle temps for sysint is about 37-40 its only the load temps i worry about. i noticed if i downclock it to about 2.8 GHz it only goes up to about 50 c under load so its possibly the northbridge.
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  4. Yes temps are usually in direct link with proper ventilation or lack of it. If you downclock and it goes down it's the system getting warm.

    Is the CPU fan the Intel stock fan? I'd say 65C at full load for the CPU is good considering there's not much ventilation in the case.

    Although it usually disrupts air flow and not recommended but try to use and load the system with the side panel of the case open and see it changes temps.

    Maybe you need to get a case with ventilation if possible intake from down front and side and exhaust from back top and rear of the case.

    You can also use other utilities to monitor temps to see if HW Monitor is showing the right temps. I've seen not so accurate temps and other values with HW Monitor. You can use Speccy or HWiNFO.

    You can get the portable version of HWiNFO (no installation needed) here:
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  5. i changed the cooler to a aftermarket cooler, i dont Think the motherboard got standard size Micro atx either so changing case is probably not a option. speccy and hw monitor seem to show about the same. the question is is the load temp of 60/62 sysin temp to high or is it still ok? i could possibly try modding a fan infront with zip ties.
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  6. I'd say not a bad idea to check with HWiNFO too.

    Yes I was going to say that but though maybe you wouldn't be willing to "mod" the system as it were.

    Well 62 C is not that frightening but it's kind of high. If you can manage to cool it further with a fan it'd be on the safer side of things.
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  7. ok thanks so 62 c on load is not good but still not high enough to do any damage? do you Think possibly changing the i5 2400 to a i5 2500s with lower tdp could help reduce the system temp? i got one of them to in spare
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    No problem, glad to help. Well, high/low temps are kind of relative. For some components 50 would be high and for some even 70 would not be that problematic. Anyways it's always best to keep system/components as cool as possible.

    One more factor is how often and how long the system is under full or heavy load which results in system getting hot. If it's constantly under load and hot you really have to do something to lower temps. If it's not that often and long maybe that fan mod would be enough.

    I think the issue here is the heat from the GPU and CPU cooler and not sufficient ventilation inside the case, maybe creating a kind of a hot pocket around the mobo VRM and RAM area.

    Temp changes due changing the CPU inside the same case with same ventilation might not be that large. However I think the TDP difference is around 30W. You can try that and see how it works. Just be careful not bend pins.

    Just making sure, is the 3rd party cooler fan blowing air towards the rear exhaust fan?
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  9. thanks, yes that was i was thinking that the air is not getting pushed out. the cooler is mounted towards the rear fan. i will try changing to the intel core i5 2500 s and see if it produces less heat.
    its very Little space under hd Cage to mount a fan but i will try mounting a 80 mm fan possibly can help since it got ventialtion holes in front.
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  10. after changing to intel core i5 2500 s system temp dropped to 54 c under load in both speccy and hw monitor. not that big difference but at least lower
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  11. Yes it is indeed lower. Good luck.
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  12. i also tried downclocking it to run at 99 percent dropped it to 50 c under load and was still able to push out 60 fps on full hd in battlefield 1 so i guess i found the Winner. thanks for your help
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  13. Thanks for the feedback, good luck!
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