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I have one asus H81M E motherboard with old version BIOS (v2104), I got a new version BIOS (v2203), but I can't find the updater program (for windows 10). Can anyone help me
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    Why do you want to update BIOS? Are you having problems with the system, stability or compatibility issues? There's a slight risk with updating BIOS and it's not recommended unless system has problems or there have been hardware changes and the update is necessary.

    However, if you want to update anyway you don't need a Windows application.

    You can format a USB storage stick FAT32. Copy the BIOS file (v2203 in your case) to it's root directory (that means do not put the file in a folder on the USB drive). Turn system off. Plug the USB in. Turn on and enter BIOS by pressing Delete/F2 or whatever is applicable.

    Go into the Advanced Mode of the BIOS. Go to the Tool menu to select ASUS EZ Flash 2 Utility and press Enter to enter it. Once you're in there press Tab to go into the drive selection field. Use up and down arrow keys to find the USB flash drive with the BIOS file and then press Enter again.

    Press Tab to switch to the Folder Info field. Press the Up/Down arrow keys to find the BIOS file, and then press Enter to perform the BIOS update process. Don't turn PC off while BIOS update is in progress. After update is finished if the system does not restart itself, you can restart it.

    There are instructions in the manual for updating BIOSes for every motherboard on the Asus website.

    Your motherboards manual is here:
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  2. Thanks to @Satan-IR, I finally updated the BIOS to the version v2203 according the steps mentioned in your answer.

    In fact, I just leaf the BIOS file in the C:\ , and the file could be read in ASUS EZ Flash Utility.
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