After I took out my GPU and put it back my PC started to perform worst

I took out my GPU not too long ago in order to clean it and when I put it back I got a drop in performance in video games. Specifically prior to it I use to never fall below 60 fps now I drop frequently. Keep in mind than prior to me taking out my GPU my PC use to restart on it's own while I was watching a movie , gaming , browsing the internet etc (It was a hardware issues as I did not get the typical windows restarting screen but a black screen, like when the power cuts).But after I took it out it no longer does.Also I did 3 malware scans and 2 virus scans and the problem still remains I also changed the thermal paste and check the temperature as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers
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  1. I've just changed my CPU cooler and although the temp dropped the problem still remains
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  2. I am confused on whether you removed the CPU or GPU.
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  3. Will_49 said:
    I am confused on whether you removed the CPU or GPU.

    I took out my GPU cleaned it and then put it back and i changed my CPU cooler without ever removing the CPU
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