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Hi there everyone, I opened my desktop to install my new HDD a wifi PCI card and and some fans, but then after the installation my PC wasn't showin any video and the HDD and POWER LED indicators wouldn't light up, all were in the right places, and then I discovered that the reset switch was the problem I don't why or how, but it was. The problem was solved plugining just power switch.
But now my problem is the USB, when in windows I plug usb pen drive, but the pen drive doesn't show up neither my phone, but monitor, mouse and keyboard they work just fine. Windows has shown me a message saying something like "power surge in usb ports" I clicked on redefine button
and it seems to be normalized, still usb in windows doesn't work not even in bios. now I'm stuck I can't use my usb or network cable(don't have a crossover cable) or cd/dvd (I don't have this drive drive my case doesn't have a bay for it) to install windows. I already did reset CMOS and it wasn't that much of use, my only hope now it's solve the usb problem, someone here to light up my mind a bit, I don't know what should I do anymore, I need some help. Any thoughts someone?
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  1. Go to; Control Panel > Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus controllers. Open that up and look for any yellow warning signs. If you see any, right click and choose; Update Driver Software...

    USB plugs on the front of your case are plugged into the motherboard. Make sure those cables have not come loose.
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