Is the Ryzen 1600x a good purchase?

Basically, I'm looking to upgrade my Mobo to something that supports ddr4 Ram and hopefully has onboard audio drivers + wireless connectivity. Naturally, I'd also like to upgrade my CPU as well.

My friend has convinced me to pick up either the Ryzen 1600x or wait till Cyber Monday for a cheaper 1800x. My question is, will a 1600x handle just about any game I throw at it with the ability to stream at decent speeds? Or should I play it safe and pick up the 1800x for double the price or something completely different?

My issue is, I'm uncomfortable spending more than 250 for a CPU, but I'm getting sick of the limitations of my i5-3750k.
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  1. The ryzen 1600 with the included stock cooler is a better general buy.

    Its usually cheaper than the 1600x & can be overclocked to at least 1600x performance with the indeed wraith cooler.

    The 6c/12t chips do a good job at streaming

    As a ryzen 1700 owner I would honestly say unless you're heavy duty rendering and or heavy multitasking productivity wise you do not need the 8c/16t capabilities on the ryzen 7.

    I could have managed with the ryzen 1600 easily but was an early adopter.
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